Blow our own trumpet? We’d rather not

We prefer to let our work speak for itself…

But these kind people were all sufficiently impressed to say some nice words about us.

"smashed it"

"This really is a quality piece of work, so a big personal thank you from me.  True to previous form, you have smashed it!"  

Mark Beard,
VP, Digital Media and Content Strategy, The Economist

"beat the control"

"I thought I would send you a quick email to tell you that your PPC copy has outperformed the control. It is now running across the account! Thanks for your help with this."

Matt Cocquelin,
Senior Marketing Executive, The Economist

"10% uplift"

"We saw a 10% uplift in renewal figures following the introduction of a new renewals programme written by Andy."

Bill Brand, Marketing Manager,
CRU Group


“I just wanted to say thanks again for your inspiration, advice and simply brilliant writing. You've captured the essence of not only who we are now but who we aspire to be.”

James Cox,
Managing Director, Tracepoint Ltd


“I have worked with Sunfish on a number of occasions. When our partner charity, Brainwave, needed some help with their copy recently, Sunfish was the obvious choice. The results were delivered quickly and efficiently and we were all delighted with the outcomes.”

Maggy Ledochowski,
Partner, Charity Group, London Stock Exchange

“a joy”

“We contracted Sunfish to write copy for us and I've been really impressed with the work and the flexibility. We contracted them on two further occasions to help structure and write copy for a new project of ours. They always write excellent, effective copy. They are a joy to work with.”

Alex Malcolm,
Managing Director, Jacada Travel


“This is so, so good - I think of myself as a reasonably good copywriter, but this is beyond anything I would have produced. Fab!! (You can quote me!) Thanks very much! You're very professional... Much appreciated, thanks again.”

Karen Hindle,
Director, SIPA UK


“We want to write copy that drives revenue, and Andy’s method of teaching certainly enables us to do that. There’s one of his planning tools I particularly love – it’s a really easy tool which all the employees in our company use to write better copy.”

Sarah Cook,
Group Marketing Director, Informa Group


“After an hour with us Andy had extracted all the information required to produce some exceptional copy for our new website. I would recommend Sunfish to anyone who requires customer focused communications without the tired old jargon most people rely on.”

Kate Sarll,
Marketing Executive, Lorien Resourcing


“This is excellent, and much fresher. Thank you very much for your input on this, and managing the copy for the marketing team so quickly.”

Marina Haydn,
Director, Conferences EMEA Economist Intelligence Unit


“I wanted to pass along a thank you for your work on the conference. I am always in awe of creative folks that can take our words and create the most incredibly readable and appealing documents.”

Yvonne Fizer,
Business Development, Sirolli Institute


“I have to say that Guy was very impressed: to quote him 'Someone is remarkably well informed about Decanter! Good to see. It reads very well.' Many thanks for doing such a fantastic job on the copy.”

Kirstie Mitchell,
Subscriptions Marketing Manager, IPC Media