Client stories

Since 1996 we have built up a huge portfolio of successful projects for our clients – both large and small.

We have written copy for their websites and sales campaigns, created communications pieces for them and trained their marketing staff to write better copy.

Writing words

cs-economistIt isn’t speech, but the best writing should echo the rhythms and patterns of conversation. This naturalistic tone of voice is difficult to master, but makes any subject engaging and even entertaining. We’ve used it for over a decade working for The Economist.

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Emotional words

cs-nobel-biocareResearch by economists, psychologists and others shows that people buy on emotion then rationalise their decisions. We always knew that, which is why we spend so much time working out how to engage the reader’s emotions. It’s a concept that underpinned Nobel Biocare’s annual report.
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Responsive words

cd-grocerWe define copywriting as writing that provokes a response. It could be placing an order, sharing a web page or buying shares in a company. Every word we write must move the reader closer to the client’s goal. This approach worked superbly for The Grocer magazine.
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Brand words

cs-hamleysExpressing your brand in words is one of the trickiest challenges facing any writer. For Hamleys – the world’s favourite toyshop – we gave voice to the store’s magical appeal to children through a story. “Once upon a time a boy dreamt of owning a toyshop…
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Original words

TopGearLogo For maximum results, insult your customer. Is probably not how most copywriting courses tell it. But something told me that Top Gear fans would love to be insulted by the show’s overlord, J Clarkson, Esq. I was right
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Sharing words

cs-rspbSometimes we’re the ones writing. At other times, we share our expertise with clients in writing workshops run through The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy. We’ve been working with marketing,  PR, fundraising and web writers at the RSPB since 2008.
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