This course turns 99% of the advice you’ve heard about copywriting on its head

There are lots of people claiming that they can teach you to write well. Then it turns out the only advice they have to share is 1 Write short sentences. 2 Use Plain English. 3 Think about your reader. (Often the only actual writing they do is the promotional copy for their own courses. Go […]

Three toxic errors that could kill off your copy

I don’t want to worry you, but making even one of these mistakes could be fatal … to your copy’s chances of success. This free 10-page report for my members will help you avoid them – and sell more stuff as a result.    

The single reason unsuccessful copywriting fails

When copywriting fails, it fails because it lacks clarity. Yes, there are technical reasons why it lacks clarity. And these are amply and repeatedly described. The include muddy syntax, overlong sentences, nouns instead of verbs, Latin instead of Anglo Saxon word-roots … yada, yada, yada. But these are merely symptoms not causes. Clarity should begin […]

239 fake facts about traditional marketing – number 125 will shock you!!!

If you have a Twitter account you may well see the occasional tweet in your feed that goes something like this: Traditional marketing is dead. It’s all about content 54vf83 #contentmarketing If you can be bothered to click through to the article, you will find a poorly disguised retread of some very traditional ideas, dressed […]

Why we love stories – and why copywriters should write them

Here’s a bit of marketing jargon for you: “hard-wired”. What’s interesting about it is that writers, marketeers, psychologists and neuroscientists all agree that we are hard-wired for story. I agree, too, but before we start to lift the lid – literally – on the brain to discover why, let’s just make sure we know what […]

Seven hated copywriting techniques that shouldn’t work but, annoyingly, do

Some things we all agree on. Benefits are better than features. Headlines that tap into a reader’s needs are good. Addressing the reader in the second person singular, as ‘you’,builds rapport. So far, so uncontroversial. But there is another class of copywriting techniques that bring many people up short. Many copywriters, in fact. The problem […]

Wanted: a renaissance in selling

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and sixpence, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.” So said Wilkins Micawber, in Charles Dickens’s novel, David Copperfield. It’s a timeless piece of wisdom, and it applies to every single business on the planet right now. […]

11 Amazing Female Copywriters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

“People won’t read long copy! How often have you heard that one?” That’s not me, that’s Julian Lewis Watkins. Writing in 1948. No. That’s not a typo. Nineteen. Forty. Eight. He was commenting on an ad for Merrill Lynch that contained roughly 6,450 words, no pictures and no coupon. I found his comments (I knew […]

What is a good ad?

It’s a deceptively simple question, isn’t it (the one in the headline, I mean, not this one)? Show people an ad and they will instantly come to a decision about whether it is “good” or not. Funnily enough, copywriters and designers often have the same sort of knee-jerk reactions as lay people do. These can […]

26 Crazy Words That Might Or Might Not Be Real (I Made One Of Them Up)

For copywriters, words are our stock in trade. We choose them, use them and occasionally lose them. But have you ever stopped to wonder what, exactly is a word? Like any good writer, I turn to my dictionary (Shorter Oxford, a monstrous 3,743-word two-volume tome). Here, I discover a word is, as a noun, I […]