Are we your copywriting agency?

You’re a marketeer, a business manager or a company boss. And you need help getting your message across in writing.

But not just “creatively”. In a way that makes money, changes behaviour and achieves your commercial goals. How about working with a copywriting agency…

  • Whose MD is the author of Write to sell and Persuasive Copywriting.
  • That can write control-beating direct response copy for digital and print?
  • That sees 97% of its clients come back to commission further copywriting?
  • That is run by copywriters with over 70 years’ business experience?
  • That secures 80% of its business through word of mouth.

That’s what this copywriting agency can offer you. And something else…

Rated by our peers

In a recent Direct Marketing Association poll of British copywriters, our MD, Andy Maslen, was only pipped to the top spot by advertising giants Dave Trott and David Abbott.

(We still make him fetch the sandwiches in for meetings, though.)


How we won The Economist as a client

We set up shop in 1996. Our first major client was The Economist. How did we win their business? By writing to their CEO.

The agency is privately held by the two founding directors, Andy Maslen and Jo Kelly. We are based in Salisbury, in the South of England.

Our global client list include large organisations such as The Economist, TIME Magazine, Prudential, BP, Pitney Bowes, Reed Elsevier, The Royal Mint, World Vision and the RSPB.

And a wide range of smaller companies in sectors as diverse as software, engineering, publishing, conferences and healthcare.
Lake Wobegon Days

Why the name Sunfish?

To be a great copywriter, you have to be a voracious reader. One of our favourite books is Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor.

On page 2, 3 lines from the bottom there’s a reference to Sunfish Bay. We just loved the image and shortened it for our name.